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OCEAN IN A TEACUP: Neil Selden, Therapist, Meditation Teacher – and Playright

     Neil Selden, who has worked as a therapist/counselor for over fifty and been at IPG for over twenty, is an inspiration to his clients and many of the staff.  As a young man he traveled to India and became the disciple of an Indian holy man called “Thakur.”  When Neil returned to the U.S. and became a therapist, he brought his spiritual outlook and practice into his therapy decades before ‘mindfulness meditation’ was a buzzword in the world of mental health. But Neil is also an author and playright, and one of his plays, a musical called “Ocean in a Teacup” is derived from his days as Thakur’s devotee.  The play has already been produced in New York to enthusiastic reviews, and Neil and others are trying to raise money to turn it into a Hollywood/Bollywood film.     Here is what Neil says about Thakur and the play: When people began calling him Thakur (pronounced ‘Tockoor’), or Master, he said he preferred two other possible meanings of the word: knocker (someone who knocks at your complexes) or cook (someone who creates the food that will nurture and heal and fulfill).  Born Anukul Chandra Chakravorty  at the end of the Nineteenth Century,… Read more »

Playing in the Unmind of Oneness by Neil Selden

I grow a poem, not much dripping yesterday’s kindness, even less tomorrow’s crimes, though all our memories are interchangeable treasures, and many indescribable futures await my yesterday: a sky at dawn in the heart of a plum, the drawn bow of a snowing moon, precious the palm of the hand on which I have carved affectionately all the names of God who is in spite of anyway