Sex Addiction

The term “sex addiction” is a controversial one and  many professionals don’t believe it exists.

However, it is undoubtedly true that some people are compulsively driven to sexual behaviors that can impair and even destroy the quality of their lives and seriously hurt those around them. Although the diagnosis of sex addiction is a difficult one to make, IPG therapists have years of experience working with people with compulsive sexual behaviors.  And we know when frequent or unusual sexual behavior is only a symptom of something else – or not a problem at all.

At IPG, we will help you assess whether your behavior is an indication that you have an addiction, suffer from another disorder or simply have sexual preferences stigmatized by society. If your behavior is negatively impacting your life, your treatment may include cognitive behavioral therapy, referral to a support group or, possibly, an evaluation for medication.

Counseling will help you clarify your reasons for stopping the addiction, strengthen your resolve, and set your goals.  Since few people want long-term celibacy, we will help you develop your own unique definition of healthy sexual behavior.  We also work closely, if appropriate, with your partner if you are currently in a relationship.  We can help educate loved ones, address what is often a deep sense of betrayal on the part of the mate, and help repair what the addictive behavior has damaged.

Since many of our therapists have specialized training in sex therapy and in addiction, IPG is uniquely suited to help “sex addicts” build a positive sexuality as well as to do therapy for couples in which one person is an identified sex addict.

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