Author: Tayllor Gomez-Spillane

5 Couples Therapy Techniques You Can Do at Home

Connection is the most important part of any intimate relationship, however, it is usually the part that is most neglected.  If your connection to your partner isn’t fueled, the fire can go out.  When the relationship was new the connection got fed by the excitement, the hormones and the unlimited possibilities.  Then, life happened and things got in the way and before you knew it, the connection began to get weak. The good news is that you can awaken and energize your connection and have some fun while doing it. Below are 5 couple’s therapy techniques you and your partner can do at home: 1. Teach Something New to Each Other. Think of something you are good at that your partner has little or no experience in.  Maybe you are a great cook or you’re good at archery or you can juggle.  Whatever it is both of you will agree to set aside time and teach each other.  Make sure to have patience and make it fun. Why? One of the fuels for connection is seeing our partner through new and different eyes.  Allowing your partner to be an authority on something and becoming the student can bring about a… Read more »