Bipolar Disorder

Less common than depression or anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder still affects between 1 and 8% of the population.  The more severe forms of bipolar disorder are very “biologically based”, meaning that the mood swings and behavior changes are triggered more by internally generated neurochemical brain changes than by external psychosocial factors.  The more severe forms usually require ongoing medication maintenance; often people with bipolar disorder are free of other psychological problems when they are stabilized.

Nevertheless, psychotherapy plays a significant role in even the most biologically-triggered forms of bipolar disorder.  If you suffer from this disease we can help you overcome the weight of social stigma and to accept yourself and your condition without the feelings of shame and self-deprecation that so often result from the diagnosis.  There is strong evidence that certain lifestyles and behaviors promote mood stability in those with bipolar disorder, and we can inform you and guide you to make healthy changes in your life.  And, while bipolar disorder is not generally caused by psychosocial factors, it can certainly produce problems by interfering with work and relationships.  We can help you repair and prevent these problems.  Our many years of experience give us the expertise to help you live normally and productively despite bipolar disorder.


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