Child, Adolescent, Family Therapy

Many IPG therapists and counselors in our various New Jersey offices specialize in working with children and families; some even restrict their practice primarily to teen and child counseling.

Certified Family Counselors

Family therapy is typically called for when your problem involves excessive arguments between family members, or ongoing conflict.  In these situations the counselor acts as a neutral mediator and coach, one who can make sure everyone in the family gets heard, can help members understand each other and can teach healthy methods of conflict resolution.  Family counseling with a child or young teen is often “parenting training” – helping get parents back in charge of the family unit in a loving but structured way.  At other times, individual therapy may be more appropriate for a child, or a combination of individual and family sessions.

Child Counseling Experts

Adolescence is a particularly difficult stage of life – it has been said that teen behavior would warrant institutionalization if exhibited at any other age – and problems in these years can adversely affect the entire course of your child’s future.  Even a teenager from a functional family must grapple with obstacles such as pressure from peers, insecurities about competency, body image and attractiveness to others, and issues involved with the beginnings of adult identity formation, to name a few. An expert child therapist at IPG knows how to properly relate these causes back to their effects to provide the most effective counseling.

Specialized Teen Counselors

Teen counseling requires particular skills and patience, and at IPG we have therapists who specialize in adolescents and have a unique ability to establish rapport with – and influence – teenagers.  A great deal of therapy with adolescents is done on a one-to-one basis, but an IPG child counselor will always stay in close contact with you, the parent, and work to improve the bond between you and your teen.

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