Depression has been called the “common cold of mental illness”, but if you suffer from depression you know how much worse it is than the average cold. Anyone who has suffered from major depressive disorder knows how hard it is to endure. At least a fifth of all adults in the US will have at least one episode of depression in their lifetime. While the “classic” form of depression involves lethargy, sleep and appetite disturbance, dark and negative thoughts and lack of interest in life, some depressed people exhibit agitation and anxiety, irritability and/or compulsive behaviors.

Effective Depression Counseling

The good news is depression is also extremely treatable in the hands of an experienced professional.  We know, for example, that Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), mindfulness and meditation training, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and interpersonal therapy techniques can give a depressed person relatively rapid relief.  We know that medication is sometimes a good choice, and physiological approaches like exercise and light exposure are important, too.

What’s unfortunate is that too many depressed people never get help. The general public still thinks depression is something you can overcome through willpower. When people in the midst of a major depressive episode are told this and believe it, they feel too ashamed to seek help. Not only do people go through needless suffering because of this, they risk making their situation worse. If ignored, a single episode of depression can lead to a life-long struggle with recurring bouts. If you think you may be depressed, the smartest thing you can do for yourself is to seek the help of an experienced counselor or therapist.

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