Grief, Bereavement, Loss and Life Transitions

Sometimes perfectly healthy people go through emotionally stressful periods simply because of  life events that throw us temporarily off balance.

Perhaps the worst type of life crises are loss and bereavement that cause us to feel overwhelming grief. Grieving is a normal reaction to events but it can turn to depression or overwhelming stress.  When this happens, you may very well be able to get through the situation without counseling – but sometimes the support of psychotherapy can smooth your response and hasten your return to a normal, balanced state of mind. The kindest thing you can do for yourself is to come in and get grief counseling to speed your recovery from these events.

But even positive life changes can be stressful.

A job change, a new baby, a new relationship – these are all exciting life events, but they can each cause stress as well. Any life transition can precipitate symptoms that look like depression or anxiety, even in someone who is the paragon of mental health.

We know that effective therapy for life adjustments and meaningful bereavement counseling or grief therapy can be very helpful. We strongly encourage you to come in and spend time with an experienced  IPG counselor.


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