Marriage, Relationship & Couples Counseling

Problems with our partners can be the most frustrating issues we have to face, leaving us feeling crazy, overwhelmed and miserable. We start our relationship feeling hopeful and exhilarated, believing we have found our “soul mate”.  All too often, this dream fades. This is the time for couples counseling.

Relationship Counseling Helps

 When things go bad in your relationship, you may flee or you may stay and suffer.  Neither gets a good result.  Unfortunately, many people are reluctant to get the marriage or couples counseling that might save their relationship.  Research shows that the average couple waits seven years from the beginning of relationship problems before seeking therapy.  Earlier intervention is needed.

An effective relationship therapist can provide couples counseling that improves communication and the understanding each partner has for the other, as well as uncover the hidden relationship issues which create tensions and can lead to anger and frustration with the relationship. At IPG we make sure everyone gets heard and is protected.

We can’t promise we can save your relationship. But even partners who do go to relationship counseling, and then separate, do so in a more amicable way, and with personal insight into what went wrong.

Don’t wait to get couples counseling – get the help your relationship needs.

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