Sex Addiction

The term sex addiction is controversial – we prefer out-of-control sexual behavior – but there is no doubt that some people struggle with compulsive sexual activity that can seriously harm them and those around them. Maybe you’re addicted to risky sex that exposes you and your partner to danger. Maybe you’re so preoccupied with sex that it interferes with other life activities. Maybe you’re spending money on it that you and your family need. Maybe you’re shattering your partner’s trust in you and destroying your relationship. Things that seem harmless at first, like watching pornography or flirting, may spiral into destructive patterns of sexual behavior, like unsafe sex or repeated infidelity.

At IPG, we can help with sex addiction – or pornography addiction, which is considered part of the same problem, and is treated the same way – or whatever you choose to call it. Experts agree, for men who struggle with this sort of compulsive sexual behavior, the best course of treatment often involves a support group like the one we offer, in combination with individual psychotherapy, and often marriage counseling/couples therapy if appropriate.

At IPG we can help you assess whether you have a problem with sex and/or pornography, or are on the road to developing one. We apply sophisticated diagnostic methods in an in-person consultation to help you decide this and determine the right kind of treatment. For some men individual therapy is enough, and perhaps some form of marriage or couples counseling. For many others, group psychotherapy is a crucial additional part of a successful treatment plan. If you think you might have a sex addiction or pornography addiction, you may be interested in our Men’s Sexual Health Group: Coping with Out of Control Sexual Behavior.

Whether it is individual therapy, group therapy, marriage counseling, or all three forms of treatment, IPG can provide it. Contact one of our NJ sex addiction therapists today to schedule an appointment or to find out more about our support group for sex addicts.


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