Substance and Alcohol Abuse Therapy

At IPG, our practice offers individuals battling alcohol and substance abuse with some specialized therapy and treatment options.

We take a somewhat unconventional stance compared to some other professionals in the field.  We have no set definition of what constitutes recreational versus harmful use, and thus we treat each individual situation uniquely.  We make no assumptions until your situation, and its effects on your life, have been fully explored in therapy.

Substance and Alcohol Abuse Treatments

While we are well-versed in twelve-step approaches, it is not the only tool we use.  In many cases, we refer clients to traditional abstinence-only treatment plans, including 12-step programs, as an aid to therapy.  However, in keeping with our client-driven philosophy, we help clients identify the best goals for them so we also employ approaches to help people control their use without total abstinence (“moderation management”), or to reduce the damage to themselves and others from substance abuse (“harm reduction”).  These approaches are very controversial in the United States, but we believe it is unethical to not help those with substance abuse problems simply because they refuse or are unable to attain total abstinence.

If you or a loved one needs help overcoming substance abuse, please contact us to schedule an appointment  with an experienced substance and alcohol abuse therapist at either one of our NJ offices.


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