Trauma / PTSD

Sometimes human beings are subjected to life events that are so horrifying and difficult to endure that they are overwhelmed.  Although they may function well during the crisis and even appear strong afterward, a certain percentage of people who experience trauma will develop a psychological disorder afterwards called “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”, or PTSD.

When trauma occurs, it is normal to have emotional, behavioral, even cognitive disturbances for some time afterward.  But usually these fade as the memories of the event get integrated into our psyches.  People whose reaction to trauma lasts abnormally long, or who have delayed reactions, may be suffering from PTSD, which can  emerge long after the actual trauma.   If you suffer from PTSD, you may have bouts of insomnia, depression, anxiety, nightmares and flashbacks of past painful events.  You might be plagued by intrusive thoughts or images of the trauma.  You may also overreact to events or situations that are similar to the trauma you have experienced, and you may not even recognize these “trigger” situations.  These symptoms can completely disrupt your life and your relationships.

At IPG we are skilled and experienced at helping people who suffer from PTSD – whether they are survivors of 9/11, rape, childhood abuse or traumas less dramatic but just as harmful.  People with PTSD often do not recognize it, particularly if the trauma occurred in childhood.  And they do not recognize how frequently their emotional “overreactions” to life events are in fact a form of PTSD.  At IPG we are adept at both assessing if you suffer from the aftermath of trauma and at helping you heal.  We use interpersonal and cognitive behavioral/exposure techniques as well as supportive, ego-building work; some therapists use EMDR as well.

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