How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Partner Beating the Pandemic-Induced Stress?

How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Partner Beating the Pandemic-Induced Stress?

Living in close quarters with your spouse 24/7 is bewildering. It ends up blurring the fine lines between ‘close’ and ‘too close’ which can be problematic. 1 in 3 women experiences sexual or physical violence by an intimate partner. Domestic violence is further intensified amid the pandemic. It is major human rights violations. Studies found that incidents in the US spiked by 8.1% after the shelter in place orders in 2020.

Obvious reasons were income and isolation linked stressors that released as abuse. Social and livelihood tensions created a victim-aggressor environment too. Milder issues like irritation, agitation and being on each other’s nerves are also common. So how to figure out better ways of living, parenting and getting along together? Read on.

Professional Help

Counselling helps address couple issues in a safe space. You are heard and protected while uncovering hidden relationship problems that create anger and frustration. Working together by analyzing personal insights of what went wrong can be helpful. You can also consider special ‘stress therapy’. This is because responses have become counterproductive in today’s modern world and we get triggered easily due to hormonal imbalances. Set an appointment with a therapist, online or offline, who can offer survival techniques. They might also suggest a few mindfulness tools to master your troubles.

Physical Intimacy

Several possible benefits come from getting physical with each other. It can decrease stress, manage anxiety and relax your mind. You are more likely to find your cortisol levels within a normal range to reduce stress. It is because ‘closeness’ releases feel-good hormones like oxytocin and endorphins. Sex also lets you sleep well that gives an overall feeling of being content. Mood-boosting chemicals are released that keep you emotionally sane. All of these are solid contributors to a healthy and long-lasting relationship even amid a pandemic.

Good Communication

Relationship conflicts can be managed by considering your partner’s perspectives. The best way to do this is to ensure healthy communication. Stay focused, listen carefully, respond to criticism with empathy and take personal responsibility. A poll of 100 mental health experts found that bad communication was cited as the main factor that caused divorces (65%). It can literally bring people together or push them apart. So, you can stave off relationship discords by talking things out, understanding each other, and then finding a solution.

Small Gestures

Never underestimate the power of a good morning text, breakfast in bed, buying flowers and setting up a movie night at home. Try to do at least one of these every day. These little tokens of love can go a long way to strengthen your bond. They can show how attached you are to your other half and can manage stress levels while in quarantine.

Cabin fever can wreak havoc in a couple’s life. But practicing the above-discussed tips can curb negative impacts on your relationship. Keep in touch with therapists for your overall health and wellness. It can go a long way to refine your connection even beyond a pandemic situation in future. In fact, you no longer have to ‘tolerate’ each other but spend your lives in a fulfilling manner.


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