IPG’s Alison Grant Featured in A Girl Raised by Wolves


(Trigger Warning: rape, abuse, violence)

I am very excited to be associated with the new memoir A Girl Raised by Wolves. I was asked to write a brief introduction to explain the mechanics of repressed memories in trauma and I was happy and proud to be a part of this story.  The book’s synopsis describes it: “In the late 1970s, in a gritty N.J. town, an adolescent girl is unwittingly handed a one-way ticket by her mother to allegedly ‘visit’ her estranged father in Florida. Young and vulnerable, Lockey Maisonnueve has no idea she is being abandoned and sent to live with a vile and dangerous pedophile who would spend the next several years violently raping, abusing and mercilessly selling his daughter’s body into childhood prostitution to other adult men. After being rescued by her naive but well-intentioned grandparents, her troubled life is further devastated by cancer and ravaged by the subsequent brutal murder of her mother, in which Lockey is briefly considered a suspect. A Girl Raised by Wolves is the inspirational memoir of a survivor of the darkest circumstances one can endure in a single lifetime and still emerge with a sense of humor and to defiantly proclaim ‘they didn’t break me!’.”

The term “inspirational” only begins to describe the experience of reading Lockey’s story.  It is funny, moving, at times harrowing, and ultimately an example of how therapy, mindfulness, yoga, the love of family, and a positive outlook can all be ingredients in the recipe for recovery.  To quote the review by Armen Bacon: “In her debut memoir, Lockey Maisonneuve takes readers into the darkest of dark nights, sharing a childhood fraught with neglect, abuse, rape, abandonment, rage and hatred. Writing with grit, vulnerability, and determination, she offers readers a bold, uncensored narrative that screams ‘I will not surrender’. Maisonneuve is a modern-day heroine who remains standing under unimaginable circumstances. She will take your breath away, return it so you can exhale momentarily, and then grab it back. There’s more to her story. To her credit, she’s a merchant of hope — the woman who outsmarts her destiny, captivates the heart, and illuminates our outlook. Every woman should read A Girl Raised by Wolves, a book about survival, resilience and the road to self-return.”
-Alison Grant, Licensed Clinical Social Worker at IPG Counseling


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