LGBTQ Issues

We’re Not Mainstream

In 1983, IPG was founded by lesbian, gay and bisexual therapists specifically to provide services to the LGBT community.  We knew first-hand how society’s homophobia creates extraordinary stresses for gay people, creating mental stress and then labeling gay people pathological simply because they love the same gender.  We also knew first-hand that mainstream mental health professionals mirror the prejudices of the culture at large, and that our role was to provide service but also to engage in LGBT advocacy, research, writing and political activism especially with other mental health professionals.  Over the years our mission has expanded to include service to the transgender, kink/BDSM, and polyamory communities.

All of us are subject to the same mainstream bias against sex and gender variant people.  We’ve always known our position was not only morally right but also scientifically correct.  Now, science is finally beginning to prove this.  Recent research from evolutionary biologists suggests that human sexuality, like that of our primate relatives, serves many functions.  In fact, most primate sexual acts are NOT about reproduction – they are about relationships, pleasure, even social status.  And, not only are homosexuality and sexual variations common in the animal kingdom, virtually every sexual behavior found in humans – and some NOT found in humans – has been observed in our animal cousins.  Moreover, many animal species contain gender variations, i.e., more than two genders, as well as diversity of gender expression.   In nature, sex and gender variance is the norm.

We believe Mother Nature is smart – she REALLY “celebrates diversity”.  And if sex and gender variance are normal and desirable characteristics of the human species – then the only reason to judge sexual behavior as “wrong” or “pathological” is if it harmful or nonconsensual.

Our Approach to Sex Counseling and Therapy

So at IPG sex and gender variation is expected and affirmed, not viewed as “sick”.  At  IPG you will be accepted, understood and appreciated, whatever your sexual preference or gender expression.  In fact, we applaud your courage in exploring your true sexual identity.  As part of the “queer” community, our therapists understand your lifestyle on both personal and professional levels.  Moreover, we advocate for you:  Dr. Nichols and other IPG staff have been vocal in both the G/L/B/T and professional mental health communities to educate others about the reality of all alternative sex and gender  lifestyles.

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