Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Queer Communities

“I really don’t need to talk about my sexuality, that’s not why I’m here.”

If you are like most of our lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer clients, you want therapy for the same reasons non-gay people seek it:  personal or family issues unrelated to your sexuality. IPG psychotherapists won’t blame your sexuality as the cause of your problems.  This is true because the majority of our therapists are part of the LGBTQ community themselves, and they do have an extra edge – knowledge and experience that can only be gained by living it.

But sometimes it IS an Issue…

But if you ARE coming to therapy because you are questioning your identity or trying to understand it, we almost literally wrote the book.  IPG remains internationally recognized as experts on issues that are “gay-related”.  Dr. Nichols is widely published and presents on many lesbian and LGBTQ issues and Dr. Michael LaSala is the author of the acclaimed book on gay teens and their families, Coming Out, Coming Home“. Other IPG therapists have published on gay couples, transgender, family and aging issues among LGBTQ people. For more than thirty years we have helped people figure out problems related to their sex and gender identity. We aren’t just “gay friendly”, we are part of the community ourselves.

Gay Marriage and Gay Families

You may, instead, want a therapist because you need help with your relationship or your children.  IPG therapists are not only skilled relationship therapists, they also fully understand the particular issues faced by lesbian and gay marriage and same sex relationships. Our therapists understand the extra stresses and pressures these relationships endure because of bigotry and ignorance, just like they know the special strengths that same sex couples bring to their relationships.

We know how healthy gay families are, too. Our family therapists and child counselors recognize not only the stresses and difficulties that families headed by lesbians and gay men may encounter, but the advantages the children in these households experience.  Many of our LGBTQ therapists are raising families themselves and “get it” on a personal level.

Find more of Dr. Nichols’, Dr. LaSala’s and other staff writings on our Publicationspage.

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