Meditation: The Spiritual Practice To Find Love

VISUALIZING LOVE by Neil Selden 4/10

Talk about the power of visualization!

Yearning for the warming and healing presence of all the darlings we know and love, and all the darlings we may never know but wish to love, and so grateful for the yearning…

Here’s a recent emanation from my ruminations about how I would do my days if I am ever completely unwanted, homeless, and using my years of so-called spiritual practice to find loving kindness, compassion, joy and peace, as I sit with my meager belongings in a small pack or bag, in some park or train station, do all my meditations, smiling, laughing and singing and dancing inside, sending visualized hugs and kisses and blessings and thanksgiving to everyone I have every known and loved, and those I may never know, but wish to love– and creating, creating, creating (my beloved collaborator/role model/brother-in-law Bob Imbrie taught me that our mission is to love and create– ergo, in the park, on a wooden bench, I ask myself, what is the first word of a new poem? Any word may do… ‘Beginning’ is the word that comes to me, and the rest follows effortlessly:

Beginning nothing,


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