Boys Who Wear Dresses, Part 1: Gender Fluid, Nonconforming, and Transgender Youth (Video)

Dr. Margie Nichols, psychologist, sex therapist and director of IPG Counseling, and Courtney Zehnder, IPG Social Media Staff and counselor for LGBTQ and gender variant kids, tackle a difficult subject.  On August 12, 2012, the New York Times Sunday Magazine’s cover story was called “BoyGirl  – What’s So Bad About A Boy Who Wants To Wear A Dress?.” Courtney and Margie made this video to further educate anyone who wants to learn more about these kids, but especially parents, friends, and family – and the kids themselves.  They explain what different terms mean, why these children express themselves differently, and how you can support them.

In part 2 Dr. Nichols will speak more directly to parents about how they can help their gender variant child.


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