Mental Health/Relationships Library

The Internet is a wonderful source of information, but some things lend themselves to books – or sound. Here are our favorite self-help and psych-educational books, organized by topic.

We’ve also included some audio recordings of meditations designed to focus the mind and reduce stress, to heal emotional wounds, and to promote self-acceptance.

Here are some books on mental health, wellness and self-help that our therapists recommend:

AnxietyandPhobiaWorkbook AngerKills Feeling Good BrokenOpen
AnUnquietMind DriventoDistraction RadicalAcceptance HowtoWantWhatYouHave
FullCatastropheLiving WhenThingsFallApart IDontWantToTalkAboutIt TheSelfEsteemWorkbook


Books we recommend to help with relationships:


GettingTheLoveYouWant The7PrinciplesForMakingMarriageWork 10LessonsToTransformYourMarriage



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