Educational and Consulting Services for Organizations

The Institute for Personal Growth, PC provides consulting and educational services to companies on a variety of mental health concerns, EAP issues and organizational management.  Most company leaders are aware that employees’ relationships, management actions, personal challenges and many other facets of life and work affect personal well-being and, in turn, work productivity, performance and effectiveness.

While it is admirable that employers are aware of – and care about – their employees’ stress and the potential dangers, few organizations know how to help their own employees.  And few know how to manage workplace matters and decisions that affect performance.

This is where IPG comes in.  There are many reasons organizations bring us in to the workplace. We offer a wide range of workshops, coaching and other services aimed at improving the workplace environment, productivity and the overall success of the corporate mission:

  • Advise managers in aspects of employee relations, team-building, change management and crisis management
  • Provide conflict resolution, trauma support, diversity training, and help with employee issues such as harassment and bullying, maintaining workplace boundaries, etc.
  • Help employees understand and manage the variety of stressors in their work and personal lives
  • Advise management on company-wide procedures for addressing mental health concerns, dealing with a troubled employee, managing difficult people and motivating staff
  • Coach new supervisors on people management and team building, including those who become new bosses of their former peers
  • Manage workplace upheavals such as relocations, downsizing and mergers and acquisitions

In short, we coach and train employees, supervisors and management on issues that matter to you and your company, enhancing productivity and workplace success.

These workshops can be tailored to your company’s and your employees’ particular needs or interests, and they can address the full spectrum of emotional and mental health concerns.  The value of these workshops is undeniable to organizations as well as to employees.

IPG also offers Hogan Assessment Testing as well as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) personality assessment test for workplaces.  Many workplaces have found these tests very useful for enhancing workplace relations, productivity and teamwork.

These are just some of the services we offer to companies and other organizations.  We tailor our services and presentations after consulting with management on what is needed at their specific organization.  Call us to discuss how our therapists and counselors can help your company.


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