Stress Therapy

Stress is the body’s physiological reaction to environmental stressors.  This reaction, termed the “fight or flight” response, is an ancient survival technique for humans. We all know stress and we all know that stress can have both short and long-term dangers. Stress needs to be dealt with, and a therapist can help you manage it.

Unfortunately, in modern life, the stress response has become counterproductive. When we experience the “fight or flight” response while sitting in traffic, thinking about our bills or dealing with any of the many pressures of modern life, we can easily trigger the stress response many times a day with no useful outcome.  Moreover, the hormones and chemicals that constitute the stress response, while helpful in the short run, create problems over time.  On the emotional level, these chemicals can trigger mood disorders. On a purely physical level, they negatively affect many organs and functions including circulatory, digestive, respiratory and nervous systems, skeleto-muscular and epidermis, and the responsiveness of the immune system.

If you’re feeling that stress is becoming too much for you, set up an appointment with an IPG therapist who is trained to help people understand and manage their stress.

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