Polyamory & Open Relationships

Although our culture perpetuates the myth that only monogamous relationships are normal and healthy, the truth is that the human animal is not necessarily wired well for monogamy.  There have always been people who recognized that you can love more than one person, and that relationship fidelity does not necessarily mean sexual exclusivity.

In the United States, alternative relationships first received widespread public attention during the sexual liberation movement of the Sixties and Seventies.  “Open Marriages”, “swinging”, and some communes were early experiments in what is now often called the  polyamory movement. Polyamory includes many variations on one theme:  that it is possible for people to have ethical, loving relationships with two or more partners.

We have been trained to believe that the only two relationship choices are monogamy – or cheating.  Some people, however, break from that model and contemplate alternative paths.  If you are living an “open” or polyamorous lifestyle, or are thinking about doing so, and would like to see a therapist, you need to see a therapist who won’t  judge you. Not an easy thing to find.

IPG therapists, however, have been working with – and supporting – people in alternative relationship lifestyles since our formation. We help you negotiate your polyamory relationship, or help you decide if polyamory is the right choice for you.  We go way beyond “affirmative”:  we teach, train and write about polyamory and open relationships in order to educate professionals and lay people alike.

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