Work and Financial Issues

The current economic crisis has affected everyone.  Those who have lost jobs or received reduced compensation, the long-term unemployed, the families that depend upon the income of these people, and the “worried employed” – people at risk of losing work- are all severely stressed.  The very real financial problems many suffer are compounded by mental and emotional distress that makes functioning even harder.

We can’t get you a job and we can’t  give financial counseling.  But we can help you cope with your stress, help you begin to think more clearly, and help you problem-solve your situation.  We can guide you to explore all your options in a sensible way.  And if you have been a victim of the economy, we can help you deal with the inevitable feelings of failure, anxiety and loss of self-esteem that so often accompany job and financial problems.

But you may be suffering from excessive work stress even if you still have a job.  If you find yourself dreading Monday mornings, worrying constantly about your job or finances, feeling hopeless about your career, or experiencing increasing tension and irritability during the work day, your problems are probably work-related.

For over two decades many IPG therapists have done what is called “Employee Assistance” counseling, or help for problems that are work-related.  This experience, in addition to our expertise in Stress Management techniques, make us ideally suited to counsel issues related to the workplace, to work-induced stress, and to unemployment and financial challenges.


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