What to Look for in a Substance & Alcohol Abuse Therapist

Around 19.7 million American adults battled substance abuse in 2017. In fact, 74% of them struggled with alcohol abuse, says a report by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH).

While it is true that the first step to helping yourself is to accept that you need help, it is also necessary to find the right therapist for your treatment. This can be a major challenge when you are already feeling stressed by your existing problems. However, it is something that will deeply impact your recovery. So, here’s a look at how to make a choice.

How to Find a Suitable Substance and Alcohol Abuse Therapist

When you are looking for an opportunity for growth and positive change, it is best to approach a potential mentor, coach, teacher or therapist slowly, and do so in an investigative manner, says an article by the Institute for Personal Growth. There are several things you should look for in a potential therapist before making the final decision, such as:

License and Expertise

Firstly, check the therapist’s credentials to see if they have the qualifications and the required licenses to practice. Ensure that they have the certifications associated with the form of therapy that you are interested in. The therapist should also have a valid license number, which can be found on their website or on listings.

Do They Connect Well?

Since the therapist will be your companion through a difficult journey of recovering from addiction, it is essential to create a positive bond with them. To evaluate whether a particular therapist is someone you find easy to talk you and build a connection with, a face to face meeting might be a good option. See whether you feel comfortable with them while talking about your feelings and difficulties. If you do find that you are able to connect with them and trust them, they might be the right therapist for you. If you feel safe talking about difficult issues with them, you are well on your way to creating a healthy and positive relationship with your therapist.

Do Their Treatment Methods Seem Useful?

Information regarding their method of treatment can be found on their website or through online reviews. You can go through all this information to get a good idea of how the therapist would conduct their sessions. Also note that some bad reviews could be due to personality differences rather than poor quality of couseling.

While alcohol and substance abuse can wreak havoc on a person’s life, it takes a huge toll on the economy too. In the US, substance abuse leads to losses worth more than $740 billion annually due to crimes, decline in workplace productivity, and healthcare expenses, says an article on the National Institute of Drug Abuse.

Of course, it also affects your own finances, not to mention health, relationships, and family ties. So, the sooner you seek help, the better your chances of recovery.


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