4 Signs That Your Spouse is Bisexual and How to Support Them


Sexuality is not always black and white. It comes in more than just “50 shades of grey!” Life for bisexuals is very similar. They desire physical and emotional connection from both genders. Traditionally a controversial concept, the authorities have argued for centuries that it doesn’t exist and that people are “naturally” straight, homosexual or lying, where bisexuality could be part of youthful experimentation, according to an article on Psychology Today. However, researchers have confirmed that this sexual orientation is as real as heterosexuality and not a temporary phase. Today’s progressive society is increasingly accepting that sexuality is flexible.

Psychotherapists ensure that bisexuality does not become the cause of personal issues and allow you the space to figure out your gender identity and sexuality, according to experts at the Institute for Personal Growth. So, if you feel stressed, consider seeking therapeutic help. But before that, here are a few hints that could point towards your spouse being bisexual and in need of your support.

1.    Threesome Talks

This sexual fantasy is the most common among Americans. In fact, a study by Kinsey Institute found that 95% men and 87% women, aged 18 to 87, wished to have sex with multiple partners. However, if your spouse gets excited about threesomes involving both genders, chances are that they wish to experiment with their sexuality.

2.    Intimacy with the Same Sex

You might often find your spouse sitting uncomfortably close to their same sex friends. They might be wanting to have too many sleepovers with such friends. This indicates that they go both ways and want the best of both worlds. Body language is also a major giveaway. So, keep an eye on how your spouse behaves around certain people.

3.    Going Overboard with Appreciation

Women in general love to compliment other females they are fond of. Straight men too wholeheartedly acknowledge their male friends. However, the choice of words can indicate sexual sentiments. For example, instead of saying that the skirt or jacket looks great on you, they might say, “You look attractive in these clothes.” If they are going overboard, there could be chances of bisexuality.

4.    Experiences Same Sex Attraction

Mere appreciation of appearance is not bisexuality though. If your spouse is sharing sexual desires with both genders and admiring them more than necessary, it might be a telltale sign of a different orientation.

Bisexuality could be a messy reality but nothing that cannot be coped with. Learn to be comfortable in vastly different social circles, be secure in your skin and avoid saying biphobic things, according to an article on Cosmopolitan. However, if you find your sex life ceasing and general negativity creeping in, consider visiting a counselor for professional help.


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