5 Tips on Celebrating Fantastic Holidays with Yourself

So, let’s get clear on one thing:  If you are alone for the holidays, it isn’t because you are worthless, unlovable, forgettable or a loser.  For some of us, our lives and circumstances twist and turn and we may find ourselves alone on the holidays and for others we may just prefer it that way.

Either way, you’re not “alone” on the holidays, rather, you are with yourself. Additionally, the holidays aren’t something you should strive to “get through”, the holidays are worth celebrating.   Let’s face it, when was the last time you had a few days with absolutely no other obligations but to cater to and pamper yourself?  So get out of the mindset of getting through the holidays because you are alone and open up to celebrating the holidays with yourself.

1 – Make plans. Time is not standing still and before you know it the holidays will be here so make some plans! Think about the things that warm your soul, that make you feel light inside, that make you feel pampered and taken care of and make arrangements for yourself.  As a little girl, I used to love to watch the parade on Thanksgiving Day on TV.  Knowing I was going to be alone for Thanksgiving, I took myself into the city early in the morning, watched the parade, then went to the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art and saw a wonderful Monet exhibit, jumped back on the train heading for home and treated myself to wonderful Thanksgiving dinner that I had prepared that day before ….  Because it was my celebration, the turkey was not invited, rather I had my favorite meal – spaghetti and meatballs.  You are way too important to leave your own plans for the last minute!

2 – Get yourself an amazing gift! Why not??? You don’t have to break the bank (unless you want to) but treat yourself to something that you’ve had your eye on and wrap it up and don’t give it to yourself until the holidays.  It’s time we start treating ourselves as wonderfully as we treat others.

3 – Make a wonderful meal. The rationale that ‘I am only cooking for one so why bother’ doesn’t count here.  If you don’t know how to make your favorite holiday meal for one serving than make a large recipe and freeze what you don’t eat. No skimping here, especially if there are special foods that you enjoy on the holidays.  

4 – Set the scene. Dinner is not to be eaten out of a pot while standing at the counter. Bring out the china, light the fire place, play some music, dim the lights!  Of course your home is already decorated and festive for the holidays (and if it isn’t, stop wasting time and get to it!)

5 – Pamper yourself. It’s your day. It’s your celebration, so treat yourself as special as you are.

Happy Holidays!


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